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Big News! New Arts & Antiques Booth in Plain City

After working behind the scenes for months to make this happen, I'm so excited to finally say... Come visit my booth at Old 42 Antiques & Vintage Marketplace in Plain City, Ohio! Check out my hand-picked collection of vintage goodies for your home, as well as my own greeting cards,  a selection of handmade earrings and necklaces, and other art.

The idea of having an antique booth has been in my mind for a long time, and more persistently throughout the last year. So a few months ago I started gathering goodies here and there and stashing them away for the future. Over the winter and early spring, I gave some furniture pieces some much-needed TLC so they could serve as display pieces - but I needed room. So a nearby storage unit became my staging area, and the whole thing began to take shape.

Before I could say "Junk Queen," the whole thing sort of took on a life of its own. I considered having a barn sale of sorts at the storage unit, but as things grew I found myself with enough inventory for a booth and checked out several local antique markets to find the right home. I'd long been a fan of Plain City Auction and knew its owner, John Coffey, who had started a vintage and antiques marketplace west of Plain City on route 42. We have lots of great antique malls in our area, but John's Old 42 Antiques & Vintage Marketplace seemed like just the right fit for me. It doesn't just have vintage, it feels vintage - the place has its own stylish vibe. While you shop the awesome booths, there's snazzy retro music playing overhead and a really wide variety of finds, from rust to riches, from boho to baroque.

Anyway, my little booth is just beginning. I have a lot more to add over the coming weeks and hope you'll stop by to take a gander. The marketplace is open Monday through Saturday, 10-6, and is located near lots of fun local spots including Der Dutchman, Yutzy's Farm Market, The Cheese House, Yonie's Greenhaus, & more - so you can make a day of it!

Hope to bump into you there soon!


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